Some tips to help prevent fires caused by dryer vents:

1-Clean the lint screen/filter before or after each load of clothes. If clothing is still damp at the end of a typical drying cycle, this may be a sign that the lint screen or the exhaust duct is blocked.

2-Replace foil accordion-type ducting material with rigid or corrugated semi-rigid metal duct. Most manufacturers specify the use of a rigid or corrugated semi-rigid metal duct, which provides maximum airflow. The flexible plastic type duct can more easily trap lint and is more susceptible to kinks or crushing, which can greatly reduce airflow.

3-Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct every one to three years depending on dryer usage and overall length of ductwork. The longer the dryer ducting the more frequently they should be cleaned, because air flow is reduced in longer runs of ductwork causing more build-up of lint. Check the outside dryer vent while the dryer is operating to make sure exhaust air is escaping. If it is not, the vent or the exhaust duct may be blocked.

2 Tips To Homeowners For Better Indoor Air Quality:

Having your air ducts cleaned is the most effective way to improve your indoor air quality but there are other steps that you can do at home to help maintain high quality air in your home.

1-Changing your furnace filters:
The filter in your furnace has a dust holding capacity of only so much. Once the capacity is met, air does not flow through the filter as easily and will find a path of least resistance and blow around the filter, making the dust and debris particles go along with it. By regularly changing out your filter, the filtration is more efficient and causes less strain on your system as well. If you have a permanent washable filter, make sure to rinse out that filter with a powerful water stream regularly. Take caution and double check that the filter is dry before putting back in furnace!

2-Keeping your fan constantly running:
For those who are allergy sufferers it is a good idea to keep the fan constantly running. This will ensure that the air in your house is consistently running through the filtration system in your house. making the air cleaner. Another benefit to keeping the fan on is that the temperature will be more consistent and evenly distributed throughout the home. No more hot or cold spots!

Have You Started Spring Cleaning?

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