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Chandelier, Light Fixture and Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Serving the Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA areas.

“We’ll Put The Sparkle Back Into Your Home!”

We clean everything from simple light fixtures to the most exquisite crystal and even hand blown glass Chihuly chandeliers!

Don’t risk falling from a ladder to do the tedious and painstaking task of cleaning your lighting fixtures. We are fully insured and accustomed to doing this kind of work on a regular basis.

We can clean your exterior light fixtures as well as any interior lights, ceiling fans or chandeliers. We don’t spray cleaners on your fixtures that can spot or stain metallic finishes and even short-out electrical wiring. We hand clean and wipe down all metallic finishes, glass and crystal using soft, all-cotton wiping cloths and a mild cleaning agent.

We also place moving blankets under the fixtures we are cleaning in case a crystal or piece of glass inadvertently falls from the fixture; this not only minimizes the chance of breakage, but also prevents damage to the flooring or other objects that we are working over.

Check out our YouTube video on this page to see how we clean chandeliers.

“They cleaned over 45 chandeliers and sconces. All were sparkling. Marble flooring was spotless. Removed stains from silk furnishings. Very professional and courteous staff. Owner is great to work with.”

-Phyllis P. Omaha


Chandelier Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean ceiling fans?
Yes, we clean any type of fan or light fixture.

Can you clean fixtures that are mounted high up?
Yes, we regularly clean fixtures that are mounted in 2 story entryways or other high areas.

Can you replace bulbs in the fixture or in other fixtures that I can’t reach?
Yes, we can replace any bulbs for you if you have the replacement bulbs on hand for a nominal fee.

What do you use to clean chandeliers?  The chandelier cleaner we use is the same product that makes your glass dishes sparkle.  Yes, simply dish washing detergent.

What is the cost of having a chandelier, light fixture or ceiling fan cleaned?
Glass chandeliers usually range from $25 to $150 depending upon the size of the fixture, how high they are mounted, and whether or not they need to be disassembled to be cleaned.

Crystal chandeliers usually cost more and can vary greatly depending upon the number of crystals on them.

Simple interior or exterior light fixtures or sconces usually cost between $5 and $25. Ceiling fans generally cost any where between $5 to $35 depending upon high they are mounted and whether or not they have light kits.

Chihuly Chandelier
We even clean Chihuly chandeliers!

Crystal Chandelier Cleaning
Crystal Chandelier

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