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Gutter Cleaning

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Are your Gutters Plugged & Overflowing Again?

We have been in the gutter cleaning business for over 36 years now! Rest assured we can take care of your immediate needs and provide long-term solutions to your gutter issues, and yes we are fully insured! You can have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to get on that ladder or roof anymore cleaning out those messy gutters.

How Quick can we get to your home?

We offer fast, friendly and reliable service. If you are having an emergency situation, such as water seeping into the basement from clogged downspouts and gutters, we can many times get to your job on the same day.

Otherwise, we will work you into our schedule and usually get the job done within a week, unless weather conditions are hindering our efforts. If you give us a call or request an estimate via email, we can usually give you an estimate of cost within minutes.

“I was impressed with the same day service and excellent work done cleaning my gutters by your technicians Joe and Roger. They did a nice job of cleaning up by blowing off my driveway of those ‘helicopters’ from the maple tree.”

-Linda U. Millard

Our Rain Gutter Cleaning Process

If the leaves and gutter debris isn’t too wet or mucky, we will usually use a leaf blower to blow all the debris out of the gutters and downspouts. This is a very effective method as it removes the smallest debris and we can visually see when the downspouts blow out clear.

We have special tools to clear out the plugged downspouts if really clogged. We then blow off all the hard surfaces on the ground, like your driveway, sidewalk and patios of any debris.

We can bag this debris at an additional cost if you inform us that you would like this service performed at time of scheduling, but if you have an exceptional amount of leaves from your roof and guttering we are not really equipped to haul it all away and you may want to coordinate that task with your lawn service or lawn cleanup.

If the leaves are really wet or there is a lot of decomposed matter in the gutters, we may remove the debris by hand and blow out the downspouts with our leaf blower or use a garden hose to flush them clear. Either method will leave your gutters and downspouts clean and flowing freely.

Best Gutter Cleaning Method

Some customers insist that we don’t use a leaf blower and instead clean all gutters by hand and then run water down the downspouts. This can be problematic for multiple reasons.

When cleaning gutters by hand it is really difficult to remove all the smaller debris and leaves when wet, stick to the gutters and downspouts. So, if you have dry leaves that are filling the downspout and we add water to them, the leaves want to ‘stick’ to the gutter surfaces and then remain there.

If we use a leaf blower on your gutters and downspouts the high velocity air removes all the small debris and leaves without causing them to stick to the metal surfaces. There are situations where we must hand-clean the gutters, but we employ the high velocity air of a leaf blower where possible, for best results.

Freezing Temperatures and Gutter Cleaning

Cold temperatures in the fall and early spring can create problems with cleaning gutters.  If there is any moisture in the leaves or gutters and we have freezing temperatures, the leaves freeze to the guttering and it usually needs to warm up into the 50 degree temperature range before the gutters thaw and can be cleaned properly.

If you maintain your gutters regularly and there has been no precipitation or moisture for an extended time period of we may still be able to clean them in freezing temps, but if you have messy trees that leave a lot of debris in the gutters throughout the year we will need to have an extended warm-up before they thaw.  So patience is in order during these times.  We will put you on our gutter list and clean them as soon as the weather and our schedule permits.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

If you give us a call, we can usually give you a price quote within minutes.

If you have a smaller home, typical split level or very simple guttering and a walkable roof you are probably looking at about $135 plus sales tax.  If you have a two-story home with a walkable roof you are probably in the ballpark of $135 to $175+ tax, but if the roof isn’t walkable or you have really high gutters you are probably upward of $175.

The cost may be more if your gutters haven’t been well maintained or are full of  wet or decomposed material, because this makes for a messy, time consuming job.  We charge an additional fee to bag and haul off all debris.

If you have an exceptional amount of leaves from your roof and guttering we are not really equipped to haul it all away and you may want to coordinate that task with your lawn service or lawn cleanup. Again, if you give us a call we can usually give you a price quote within minutes.

Cleaning French Drains and Underground Tiles

French drains and underground tiles that drain water away from the house and out into the yard or street can be both beneficial and problematic. The benefit is that they hide the drainage path instead of having an above ground downspout extension.

Problems can arise with French and underground drains whether they be corrugated plastic, PVC or other material.

Some of these are:  Tree roots growing into or crushing the tile, landscaping mulch or grass overgrowing and covering the drain outlet, small animals crawling into and getting stuck in the drain, and leaves and other debris accumulating in the underground drains in hard to reach areas. If these drains become plugged, it can be difficult to clean or diagnose the problem since they are underground!

If the customer does not know where the drain outlet is and it has become overgrown with grass or covered with landscaping mulch, it can be very difficult to clean with conventional gutter cleaning methods.  Sometimes these drains run 20, 30 or even 100 feet into the yard and without knowing where the outlet is, it is difficult to clear or confirm that they are working properly.

If the outlet of the drain is not overgrown or covered when we blow high velocity air through the downspout from above the gutter with a leaf blower, the leaves and debris will usually blow out the outlet and we can confirm that it is clear, but if we feel a backpressure of air, it is a good indication that the drain is plugged with debris or the outlet is covered or overgrown with grass.

If we cannot clean the underground drain with conventional cleaning methods, there is another option. We have trailer and van mounted equipment that has industrial water jetting equipment. This equipment allows us to send a ‘snake’ down the downspout or from the outlet into the underground tile up to 50 feet and it produces a water flushing action under high pressure that will release the leaves or debris.

This will NOT remove tree roots or other heavy debris and if you do not know where the drainage outlet is, we cannot guarantee that we can get it cleared. This service has a minimum fee of $250 plus sales tax in addition to the regular gutter cleaning cost and would require another vehicle to come out at a later time from the normal gutter cleaning. After the initial hour the hourly rate is $225/hour plus sales tax.

Long-Term Solutions to Gutter Issues

A recurring maintenance plan for gutter cleaning is the first great step toward maintaining your home and avoiding costly water damage and erosion issues to your property. We can set you up on a recurring schedule of yearly, semi-annual, quarterly, or whatever your need may be. As you may be aware of, some trees are messier than others and require the gutters to be cleaned regularly to avoid issues.

If you have issues with particular downspouts continually being plugged, sometimes the simplest and most cost effective method is to place downspout strainers over these problem areas. These can be very effective in certain situations. We do not use the cross-mesh type strainers as these get plugged quite quickly, but an aluminum wire strainer. These usually cost $10 each.

If you are tired of dealing with having your gutters cleaned out all the time, and just want the peace of mind knowing that your downspouts will never get plugged again, we recommend having a product called Leaves Out installed. Leaves Out is not your typical gutter cover/protection system.

Most gutter covers are only effective for a few seasons before they are plugged with debris or the materials crack or deteriorate from the elements.

After 30 years, we have seen how these inferior products perform, as many customers request us to remove them from their guttering due to their lack of performance. But LeavesOut® is a totally different product that really works, Guaranteed!  Please go to our Gutter Guards page to check out our LeavesOut®  product.

Gutter Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the gutters?
We use a couple of different methods to clean gutters. If the leaves and debris in the gutters are not too saturated with water, we will blow all debris out of the gutters and downspouts with a leaf blower; this is a very effective method as it removes even the smallest debris from the guttering.

If downspouts are plugged and we cannot clear them with the leaf blower, we will use a plumbers snake or garden hose to clear them of any debris. If the debris in the gutters is too saturated with water to use a blower, we will clean them out by hand and run water through the downspouts to make sure that they are clear of any debris.

How do I get an estimate? – How much does gutter cleaning cost?
If you give our office a call we can generally give you a price-range estimate over the phone. It’s impossible to give an exact estimate for gutter cleaning, because cost will vary depending upon the size of the home, the amount of debris in the gutters, whether or not the debris is wet and decomposed, whether or not downspouts are plugged, and whether or not there are any gutter guard/leaf protectors that need to be removed during cleaning.

We generally do not do onsite estimates for gutter cleaning because our incurred cost to do the estimate is relatively high compared to the cost of cleaning the gutters.

Do you clean up my yard after cleaning the gutters?
We will blow off the patio, driveway or other hard surfaces from the debris that falls out of the gutters and we will bag any decomposed material that is removed from the gutters. We can bag all material at your request, but there is generally an additional charge for that service.

Do I have to be home at the time of service?
No, you don’t have to be home when we come to your house. In the event that you are not home, we will leave an invoice, and self-addressed envelope for you to send payment.

What should I ask when hiring a gutter cleaning company?
1. How long until you can get the service completed?
Many gutter cleaning companies come and go. We have been servicing homes in the Metro areas for over 36 years. We service thousands of homes each year – there’s a reason that many people choose us.

2. Do you have insurance, and what kind of insurance do you have?
We carry Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance and our insurance agent can fax or mail you a certificate of proof of insurance. Many companies will put “fully insured” in advertisements, however, this doesn’t really ensure that they are.

Make sure to get them to send you an insurance certificate and verify that they carry Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurance; otherwise you could be liable if an accident occurs on your property.

 “Very friendly on the phone. Got my estimate same day. Scheduled a time. Showed up as promised. Cleaned the gutters and blew off my roof. And a day later he followed up with a phone call to make sure I was satisfied. Thanks guys.”

-Ry S. Omaha

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