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Our 30 Day Guarantee

Attention to detail is our forte! If you feel like we fell short of providing such service, we will return at no charge and no obligation, and re-clean any areas in your home that you would like to have additional attention.  It’s our 30 Day, Clean Carpet Guarantee. Quality is our focus!

Safe For Your Family and Pets!

We use cleaning products that are safe for your whole household. We don’t use harsh cleaners that leave soil attracting residues in your carpet. We offer you the choice of certified green and anti-allergy cleaning agents in addition to our conventional line of cleaning products, at no additional cost, to address any specific needs you may have.

Steam or Very Low Moisture Bonnet Cleaning?

We offer both methods of carpet cleaning, Steam or Very Low-Moisture also known as Dry Carpet Cleaning.  They both have their place in the industry. Many people have the perception that Steam or Hot Water Extraction (HWE) is the only process to really clean their carpets, but with the advancement of equipment and encapsulation technology Very Low Moisture (VLM) Bonnet Cleaning is an excellent choice and it leaves the carpet dry within minutes of the cleaning.

“The carpet cleaning was Amazing! I feel like I have brand new carpet! The process was by far the most thorough I’ve ever had, and follow up was amazing. My carpets dried in a fraction of the time. This carpet cleaning is one of a kind and is much easier than replacing carpets completely! Thank you so much for the best job I’ve ever seen!”

Cheryl V. Papillion, NE

How Does Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Work?

Our Very Low Moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning works with encapsulation technology and the cleaning power of oxygen. Encapsulation technology is a special non-resoiling detergent formulation which surrounds the dirt particles for easy extraction while our oxygenizing solution safely brightens the carpet fibers.

The process begins by spraying the carpet with the encapsulating pre-spray, we then use our CRB (Counter-Rotating Brush) machine. This unique machine lifts matted carpeting and works deep into the carpet to remove soils, pet hair and allergens that your vacuum can’t reach while also thoroughly scrubbing all sides of the carpet fibers to break-down and encapsulate the oils and soiling on the carpet.

The CRB machine will revitalize matted down, heavily soiled traffic areas. The encapsulated oils and soiling are then extracted from the carpeting with an absorbent cotton bonnet. Not to get too technical, but any remaining soil that is not absorbed into the bonnet is encapsulated and crystallizes as it dries and can be vacuumed up.  The process uses water, but very little.

With our Very Low Moisture cleaning process we can honestly tell you that your carpet will be dry in minutes, not hours!

“Outstanding results with the low-moisture carpet cleaning today. Doug and Justin left 15 minutes ago and my carpets are COMPLETELY dry. They look brand new without the inconvenience of wet carpets for days and zero concern about old stains resurfacing. I cannot recommend this highly enough!”

Cheryl T. La Vista, NE

Our Steam/Hot Water Extraction Process

We have two steam cleaning options, our Simply Clean package and Our Superior Clean package.

Our Simply Clean steam cleaning process is for light to medium soiled carpeting; it uses the power of carbonation rather than harsh soaps to break the soil free from the carpet, for a clean, fresh carpet.

If your carpet is heavily soiled and you want the steam cleaning process rather than the low moisture bonnet cleaning, we recommend our Superior Clean Package to clean your carpet. This process is restorative to the carpet fibers. Our restorative process not only cleans the surface of the carpet fibers, but also penetrates deep into the pile of the carpet to remove oils, pet dander, soils, and accumulated detergents for a healthy, restorative cleaning of the carpet fibers.

Our process helps to lift and restore the carpet fibers with a thorough, but gentle machine scrubbing of the carpet and by the deep-flushing action of our multiple steam rinse cycles. The end result is healthier, cleaner, softer carpeting that has no sticky residues. We take the time to do the job right. We truly offer the most comprehensive and meticulous service in the industry!

From start to finish we will typically take twice as long as the average carpet cleaner, but the end result is well worth any additional costs. Your carpet will stay cleaner longer, and our restorative process will extend the life of your carpeting, saving you money in the long run. Check out our carpet cleaning video on this page to see our Superior Clean package with optional speed drying from start to finish!

What Carpet Cleaning Method is Best for You?

If quick drying times are important or if you have had issues in the past with stains wicking back to the surface after cleaning, our Very Low Moisture Cleaning method is probably best for you.  The low moisture method is also excellent at breaking down accumulated oils from pet hair or bare feet.

Our low moisture encapsulation cleaning also includes a scotch-guard type of protectant at no additional charge that resists stains and re-soiling, allowing your carpet to stay cleaner longer!  This process works amazing on shag or frieze carpeting. This method also doesn’t require vacuum hoses to run through your home and doesn’t require the front door to be open during those cold winter or hot summer days.

If your carpeting is extremely soiled, steam cleaning is probably the better option.

Pet Urine Issues- If you have a small pet that has left dribbles or small deposits of urine, we can use either method to decontaminate those areas, but if you have pets that are leaving significant urine deposits on the carpet, we will need to use the powerful vacuuming system of our Steam/Hot Water Extraction equipment  to flush the carpet pad and carpet backing of those odor causing deposits.

After removing pet deposits, we can use either our steam/hot water extraction cleaning or our low-moisture process to finish the job.  See our Pet Urine Decontamination section below for more information on urine removal.

Expected Drying Times: One of the biggest complaints we hear from homeowners about previous carpet cleaners is the prolonged time it takes the carpet to dry. Extended drying periods can lead to mold and bacteria growth in the carpeting and can be detrimental to the integrity of the carpet backing as well as being an inconvenience to you, the homeowner.

Our powerful vacuum system combined with our special cleaning method allows the carpet to dry in a fraction of the time and also provides a more thorough extraction of the soiling and contaminants for a deeper clean. If you choose the Very Low Moisture Bonnet Cleaning you can expect the carpet to be dry in minutes.

If you choose hot water/steam extraction it could be anywhere from a couple of hours to about a day, depending upon the temperature in the home, the relative humidity and the type of carpet.

About 90 percent of our customers choose our low moisture carpet cleaning for it’s many benefits, but we are happy to provide our steam cleaning option if you are accustomed to that type of cleaning as it also is an excellent choice.

If you are not sure which cleaning method is best for you, give us a call and we can help you make the decision based on your individual needs.  Our friendly and trustworthy technicians that comes to your home can also advise on what the best method may be for you.

Protecting your Home

It’s Detail That Makes Us Different’.  No matter what cleaning process we use, we take the necessary steps to protect your home. We protect sensitive marble or wood floors by laying down moving blankets and install special corner-guards on wall corners to protect them from hoses used in our steam cleaning process.

If you choose to have us move furniture during cleaning, most furniture is placed on specialized carpet sliders and each piece is carefully moved to clean underneath. We treat your home as if it were our own.

Moving Furniture

We are happy to move furniture.  We charge 10 cents per square foot additional for most furniture moving. The charge may be less or more depending on the amount and size of furniture to be moved. We typically don’t move beds, entertainment centers or exceptionally large pieces.

Pet Urine Decontamination Including Odor and Stain Removal

In the case of pet damage to carpeted areas, we offer different levels of decontamination and treatment. As the pet leaves their deposit on the carpet, it typically doesn’t just stay on the top. Gravity plays its part as it travels down through the fibers into the glued backing, padding and sub-floor; the drywall, baseboards, and tack-strip can also be affected if deposited near a wall.

Thoroughly identifying where the contaminated areas are is a very important part of the cleaning process. For the best end result, we offer black-light inspections in the evening hours. During the black-light inspection all pet deposits can be seen by the homeowner, as different contaminants fluoresce under the ultra-violet light.

We also use special detection equipment to determine if there is any residual moisture from the urine in the carpet pad. We can then mark the identified areas of contamination, taking the ‘guess-work’ out of finding the areas in need of treatment, so that we can provide you with the best decontamination results.

Cat urine and urine stain removal vs. dog urine and urine stain removal:  Cat urine typically has a more pungent odor than dog urine and usually requires a more comprehensive approach to rid your home of the odors and stains.  Most urine stains can be removed, but not all.  If you have a small dog that is leaving urine deposits on your carpeting, we may be able to treat them topically without having to flush the pad and carpet backing, but if you have a larger dog that is leaving significant deposits, larger than a quarter in diameter, then you probably need a more comprehensive treatment and cleaning.

The pet urine deposits are initially acidic in nature, but as they dry they turn to an alkaline salt. Therefore during the treatment process we apply a product that breaks down these alkaline salts so that they can be flushed out of the carpeting and or carpet pad. The odor that the pet leaves behind is caused by bacteria feeding on the urine.

Heat activates bacteria, so treating the contaminated areas needs to be addressed prior to steam cleaning. We can reduce odors on the face fibers by shampooing an acidic enzyme culture formulation into the carpeted area before our cleaning (this process is about 60% effective). The enzymes will digest the odor-causing bacteria, until no food source remains for them. Unfortunately, this does not address any contamination below the surface.

As the carpet dries, urine and bacteria from the pad and sub-floor can wick to the surface. This wicking can be minimized by using our specialized fans to speed-dry the area after cleaning.  If there is residual urine in the carpet padding or backing, you may still smell it, especially on humid days when the moisture in the air re-activates the urine crystals.

To further reduce the possibility of odor-causing bacteria from surfacing from the carpet backing, we offer an Oxidizing Flush service. We pour a specialized oxidizer and deodorizer into the backing and pad that will break-down the urine molecule and alkaline salts. We must then allow the oxidizer about 30 minutes to break down the components of the urine deposit.

Next, we use a powerful extraction tool that draws this oxidizing flush along with the urine out of the carpet backing and fibers. This tool draws out the residual moisture below the surface that normal carpet cleaning equipment can’t (this process is about 90% effective).  Please see our Pet Urine and Odor video on this page for a demonstration of this process.

The most effective way to remove the odor below the surface is to remove the affected padding (the pad is the main source of contamination after a pet deposit, as it acts like a sponge-retaining the bacteria). We start by pulling the carpet back and removing and discarding the affected padding. After this is done, we disinfect and clean the sub-floor, and all the hard porous surfaces affected (replacing any necessary tack strip, etc).

If necessary, we then apply a sealant to the hard surfaces to lock-in any remaining bacteria. Next our oxidizing flush process is performed on the carpet and carpet backing. We then install new padding and install the carpeting back into place. Finally, the face fibers are rinsed clean to remove any residue.

Homeowner Tips

While these tips are not going to be as comprehensive or as efficacious as our commercial urine and stain treatments, they should help in the effectiveness of cleaning smaller areas.

How to remove dog urine or cat urine from carpet and pad- Wet the affected area with a solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes and then place a white cotton terry towel over the area and tamp up the moisture into the towel. This is for pet urine that has dried.

When the urine dries, it turns into an alkaline salt. The vinegar, being a mild acid will break down the urine crystal salts and allow them to be more easily removed from the carpet and pad. You can then apply a store bought enzymatic product such as ‘Natures Miracle’ and apply according to manufacturers instructions which will help to digest remaining urine fats and lipids.

If the urine is still wet when you discover it, you don’t need to use the vinegar, simply place a white paper towel or white terry towel over the area and tamp it into the towel, then apply the enzymatic product to digest the remaining urine fats and lipids.

How to remove pet urine stains from carpet- It’s always good to test a small spot in an inconspicuous area for color fastness.  Put 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and lightly moisten the affected area.  Let the area dry naturally.  Repeat if necessary.

Natural sunlight will increase the effectiveness of the hydrogen peroxide, so you will want to apply it during a time, if possible, when the carpet is in the sun.  Be careful in applying hydrogen peroxide to wool carpeting, rugs or silk as it can potentially damage the fibers.

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