Power Washing

Power Washing

Serving the Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA areas.

We offer a full line of power washing and pressure washing services and have the ability to transport water to locations that don’t have a water hookup.

We can perform work on projects small or large as we have multiple industrial, hot water power washing units, that are capable of handling the dirtiest, greasiest jobs with ease!

“We were so pleased with all the power washing our house, fence, pergola & deck. It was an excellent job & we will have them again. Thank you”

-Mary F, Omaha. Omaha

The following is a list of some of the services that we perform:

  • House Washing
  • Sidewalks and Drive-Thrus
  • Awning Cleaning and Resealing
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Concrete and Paver Cleaning
  • Garage Floor Cleaning and Degreasing with our Vacuuming System

Cleaning Composite and Trex Decks

Composite decking has become a very popular choice for homeowners, but even plastic or recycled wood products still need to be maintained to keep them looking like new. In shaded areas they still develop mold, algae and grime build-up and need to be power washed from time to time.

We use the proper cleaning products and the right pressure to clean, yet not damage your deck. Some of the older trex decks develop a mold that grows on and into the top layer of the product that covers it with black specks, they also grey from the oxidizing effects of the UV rays of the sun.

Some of these composite deck manufacturers had class action lawsuits brought against them because they sold the products as maintenance free, yet they require as much or more effort to keep looking good as a cedar wood deck. We have found a pretty good product and technique to make these unsightly decks look good again.

Trex Deck (before cleaning)
Trex Deck After Power Washing
Trex Deck After Power Washing

Cleaning Laminate Decking

Many of the newer composite decks have a hard, synthetic, wood-grain looking laminate attached to the outside of the boards.  These decks clean up very nicely with the proper cleaners and water pressure.

Home Power Washing Services

How Do You Clean Vinyl Siding Or Wood Siding?

We use the same technique and cleaning products to clean vinyl siding, painted wood siding, concrete board siding, or steel siding. We use what is call a ‘Soft Wash System’.

We don’t use a high-pressure spray on these surfaces that can potentially cause damage, but we spray a specially formulated ‘house wash’ detergent on the siding and let it do the work in breaking down the grime buildup and then thoroughly rinse it under low pressure.

Our house washing system produces great results without damaging the surface with high pressure cleaning.

How Do You Remove The Chalky Oxidation On My Siding?

Exposed to the UV rays of the sun almost everything will oxidize over time, with vinyl siding and painted surfaces this will produce a chalkiness on the surface of the product as the suns UV rays degrade the surface and fade the color pigments in the product. If you wipe your hand on the side of your house that is most exposed to the sun and a chalky substance wipes off, you have oxidation.

Oxidation can be a real challenge to remove, and we cannot guarantee removal of it. If it is a real mild oxidation this will usually come off with the cleaning, but there are times that it wont. It generally requires a lot of scrubbing to remove it and you can be left with an uneven look to the color, unfortunately almost everything will eventually succumb to the degrading rays of the sun.

Power Washing Frequently Asked Questions

What is power washing?
Power washing is the application of high volume or high pressure water spray to a surface. The spray, generated by portable pumps and mixed with a special combination of water and washing detergents, can be as powerful as 4 to 10 GPM (gallons per minute flow rate), 1,500 to 5,000 PSI (pounds per square inch pressure) and up to 200º F. By comparison, an average power washer can produce a spray that is over one hundred times more powerful than your typical garden hose.

What’s the difference between power washing, pressure washing, and high-power pressure cleaning?
These terms are used pretty synonymously to describe the process of cleaning surfaces with high- pressure or high-volume water spray. You could say that power washing isn’t always pressure washing, for example in our house washing process we use a pressure washer but the pressure at the point of contacting the house is very low, instead we are relying on high-volumes of water combined with cleaning agents to wash the house rather than a high-pressure spray.

Can I purchase or use my own power washer and do just as good a job as you can?
Most power washers that are purchased from home improvement stores such as Menard’s and Home Depot cost anywhere between $100 and $1000. These machines are called hobby power washers because they do not have adequate pressure or water flow to effectively clean most surfaces, nor do they produce hot water, which is a key factor in effectively cleaning many surfaces.

Water flow is more important than high-pressure. Many of these hobby power washers have good pressure but not enough water flow to be really effective and efficient at cleaning without causing damage to the substrate being cleaned. If you decide to purchase a power washer, consider spending the extra money to buy a machine that produces at least 4 gallons per minute as it will be able to clean more effectively without having to use as high a pressure.

Many homeowners that use hobby power washers actually damage the surface cleaned because they must get very close to the surface to get cleaning results. Our power washers produces very high volumes of water flow with hot water if desired and allows us to operate at lower pressures to get great cleaning results without damaging the surface cleaned.

What can be pressure cleaned?
Generally, almost anything can be power washed. Typical residential jobs include cleaning house exteriors (siding and brick face), decks, patios, awnings, walkways and fences.

Is power washing safe for painted surfaces?
Yes. The basic concept of power washing with detergent on painted surfaces has been tested and proven. With the correct combination of pressure, flow, chemicals and temperature a wide variety of jobs can be accomplished without scrubbing or brushing.

Experts agree that power washing is safer than steam cleaning and sandblasting. If paint is peeling from the surface to be power washed, we advise not power washing those areas because the process will remove any loose paint.

How often should I get my deck power washed and sealed?
Under normal conditions, you should pressure-clean and seal your wood deck once every three years. However, it can be power washed sooner if mold and mildew are a persistent problem, and you want to avoid premature wood rot and decay.

Why is my deck turning a grayish color?
Deck discoloration can usually be traced back to its exposure to the sun. The sun naturally gives off ultraviolet rays that can be quite harmful to the cellular composition of a wood deck. Using a good wood sealant, one with a high solids concentration, can protect your deck and help maintain the wood in its original state. That includes protecting it from turning that unattractive gray color.

How often should I have my siding power washed?

Many of our customers have their siding power washed on a yearly basis.  At the very least it should be done every few years to keep it looking good.  Regular cleaning can also help keep it from accumulating that ‘chalky’ oxidation.

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