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Window Cleaning

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Executive Window Cleaning

This is Our 36th Year Cleaning Windows!

Executive Window Cleaning is a division of Executive Cleaning Services, but it all began with window cleaning. Yes, we love cleaning windows!

Doug Barrett started the window cleaning business while an engineering student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Our offices and shop are located in downtown Millard, in southwest Omaha.

Our 30 Day Streak-Free Guarantee

If you see any streaks or spots on your windows that were missed during the cleaning process, give us a call and we will return at no charge to touch them up.  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! It’s our 30 Day Streak-Free guarantee.

Residential Specialists

We are residential window cleaning specialists. 99% of the work we do is on homes just like yours. We prefer to say we are ‘window cleaners’ rather than ‘window washers’ because of the thoroughness of the job we do!

Most homeowners are very particular about who they have in their homes and the quality of the work being done. We like that, because we are all about the details, after all our motto is “It’s Detail that Makes Us Different”.

Yes, we do all the little things like using floor mats and shoe covers so that we don’t track water, mud, or snow into your beautiful home; and yes, we even put towels under our buckets and moving blankets under our extension ladders. Our ladders even have carpet and wool bonnets on the top of them to protect your walls and siding.

We are very careful around your draperies and fabrics so as not to drip water on them! We don’t use sub contractors, only friendly, trust-worthy, well-trained technicians.

We are fully insured and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of which we have been members for over 20 years.  We do very little advertising because our customers love referring us!

Whether your home has those little French pane windows, double-hungs with storms, or if you have large contemporary windows you can rest assured knowing that we will use the best process to leave them sparkling!

How Do You Clean Windows?

We use the professional, squeegee method to clean windows. Our window cleaning process provides streak free, spotless, no smear results. We touch up all edges of the glass and wipe the bottom ledge of the window to remove any remaining water.

As part of our window cleaning service, we also clean the screen associated with the window at no additional charge. We wash the screens with soap and water and then towel dry them off. We have thousands of residential customers and have cleaned millions of windows, so you can be assured that we know what we are doing.

Our technicians have 55+ years of combined experience. We also have the latest technology in pure water window cleaning. Our pure water machine produces incomparable results with mineral free pure water.

For more information on our pure water window cleaning, read our ‘window cleaning or window washing’ post on frequently asked questions below. Check out our YouTube video on this page for an overview of our window cleaning process.

Receive up to a 25% Discount!

If you like clean windows, you’ll love our maintenance plan. After seeing how great our service is, many of our customers choose to be set up on a recurring maintenance plan to keep their windows sparkling clean year round and so that they don’t have to remember to call us.

Plans eligible for discounts are quarterly, semi-monthly, monthly or more frequently. The discount increases with the frequency.

You may choose to have your inside windows cleaned only once or twice a year, but do the outside more frequently to keep them looking great and we can adjust the schedule to meet your needs for special occasions.

Our Service Guarantee

We will provide you with “The Most Comprehensive and Meticulous Service Guaranteed!” Give us a call for a fast, friendly and free phone estimate or click here to send us a request via email for any or all of our services. We look forward to serving you!

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

We have a minimum service charge of $135, but we will at times waive this minimum if we are doing a neighbors house at the same time or if you become a regular customer set-up on our recurring maintenance plan. The cost of having your windows cleaned is going to be determined by the type and size of windows on your home.

If some windows are particularly difficult to get to, because of architectural layout or landscaping or if your windows are high off the ground, in excess of 24 feet, those windows will usually cost a little more. Other factors that could affect price would be paint overspray, deck sealant, silicone or hard water deposits on the glass that needs to be removed during the cleaning process.

As a general rule, excluding French pane windows,  average sized crank-out type windows usually cost $7/pane to do inside and out and $3.50 per pane to do outside only. If we are doing inside and out, we clean the screen at no additional cost.

Larger picture windows are usually priced at $10-$12/pane to do inside and out and $6-7/pane for outside only if they are about 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall, but would be more if we need to use an extension ladder to reach them. Double-hung type windows that have an outside screen but no storms are usually priced between $15-$20 depending on size for inside and out and $10-15 for outside only including cleaning the screen and sill.

Cost will be less if they have no screens to remove and reinstall and clean. Cost will be more if the sills are exceptionally dirty and you want every nook and cranny detailed especially on white vinyl windows.

If you have Pella windows that have a removable storm that you want taken apart and cleaned in between, there are twice as many surfaces to clean, therefore the price would be a little more than double the above cost.

If you have Pella windows with a removable storm called a ‘d.g.p.’ or (double-glazed panel), these usually need to be taken apart and cleaned in-between every 18 months or so, as they begin to get hazy or foggy in between.  If you choose not to take these storms apart, the price would be the same as the above crank-out or double-hung price.

If you have double-hung’s with storms or French pane windows the prices can vary considerably depending on size of panes and the type of storm window.  If you give us a call we can usually give you a phone quote or we would be happy to come out and give you an onsite estimate.

There are so many styles, sizes and types of windows that it would be impossible to list them all here but if you give us a call and you can accurately describe them to us or text or email us some pictures of your windows, we can usually give you a price over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean windows?
We use the squeegee method; this is the preferred method of professionals. After scrubbing and squeegeeing the window we also wipe the immediate sill and detail all the edges of the glass with a cotton surgical towel.

If there is noticeable paint, lacquer or deck sealant over-spray on the glass we will remove it from the glass as well; there may be an additional charge for this service depending upon the amount of paint or other material on the glass. We also wash and towel-dry all screens that are associated with the window surface being cleaned.

Many contractors don’t remove paint, detail the edges of the glass, wipe the sills or clean the screens without an up-charge. We will perform all of these services at no additional charge unless there is an excessive amount of dirt on the screens or debris on the windows. “It’s Detail that Makes Us Different.”

Do you wipe the surrounding wood or metal frame of the windows as part of the cleaning and if I have crank-out style windows do you open them up and clean the revealed sill?
We do not perform these items as a part of our customary service, but we are happy to perform them at your request for an additional charge.

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?
Yes, we prefer to give you an estimate over the phone especially during our busy seasons of spring and fall. If  you can tell us what type or style of windows you have such as: crank-outs, double-hungs, sliders or large picture windows, we can then give you an approximate price per pane or if you can text or email us some pictures of your windows we can give you a more accurate price quote.

Do I need to be present when you come to bid my home?
Generally, you do not need to be present when we come to bid your home. We can usually get an accurate idea of the job by walking around the outside perimeter of the home. We will then write up the bid and place it in your front door. We may want to check windows on older homes from the inside to see if they function properly.

Do I need to be present while the work is being done?
No, as long as we have access to the windows you do not need to be present while the work is being done. If no one is home during the day, we can arrive to your home early in the morning before you leave for work or we can meet you there during the lunch hour; we’ll do whatever suits you best.

What precautions do you take while working in my home?
Home window cleaning is our specialty. We endeavor to take the utmost care while working in your home. We will remove our shoes or wear shoe covers where needed, we’ll place moving blankets under ladders that may be dirty and towels under our buckets and we will take care not to drip water on your carpet or window coverings. Our goal is to leave your house as it was when we arrived, with the exception of the dirty windows which we’ll leave sparkling clean!

Do I need to move anything before you clean the windows?
No, we can do the moving for you on most items. If an item is particularly fragile or delicate we would prefer that you move them.

Are you fully insured?
Yes, we are fully insured for your protection. All workers are employee’s of the company. We do not use subcontractors.

Is any job too small?

No job is too small, but we do have a $125 minimum service fee.

Do you clean both commercial and residential windows?
We specialize in residential, but we do commercial window cleaning as well.

Do you clean windows outside of the Metro areas?
Yes, we are happy to travel to surrounding communities to clean windows. If it is a bid you require, a phone call is the preferred way to handle it. There would be a fuel and travel charge added to the cleaning service due to additional labor and fuels costs to travel to your location.

We usually charge around $2/mile for round trip distance from our location. Fuel and travel costs may be more or less depending on the number of technicians required to service your home and if we are servicing your home in our busy season or in our off-season.

Would you be able to do a few other things for me while you’re cleaning my windows?
We do all kinds of glass cleaning as well as some other minor chores. Whether it’s cleaning the glass in your curio or kitchen cabinets or changing light bulbs or batteries in smoke detectors in hard to reach areas or removing cobwebs and dusting high areas for you, it’s our pleasure to assist you.

Please let us know when scheduling of other work you may want done so that we can allot extra time to your job and still make it to our next appointment on time.

Window cleaning or window washing service?  We prefer the term window cleaning for our service, but you could say our pure water system is window washing. On certain jobs we use a machine that produces absolutely pure water.

Pure water has all the minerals and dissolved solids removed by multiple filtration systems and will not spot, even without squeegeeing it off. It is similar to a pure water rinse that you get at a car wash, but our water is 10 times more purified even than that. It evaporates and sheets off the glass without leaving any residue and will leave your windows spotless!

Our pure water machine pumps pure water up a pole and shoots out through a brush that we scrub the glass with. The advantage of using our pure water system is that you also get the outside window frames cleaned for free! Pure water window cleaning is not perfectly suited for all window types, but when we do use it, it produces amazing results without any streaking or soap residues left on the glass. The windows actually stay cleaner longer!

Ask us if we can use it on your windows. We generally recommend cleaning your windows by hand the old fashioned way on the initial cleaning, that way we can remove any paint specks and overspray or other really caked on dirt.

“I wanted to relay my highest compliments to Joe for the job well done. I have never seen such clean windows! I had a group of ladies at my home who all complimented as to how clean my windows were. I was impressed by how hard Joe worked.”

Barbara R. Omaha, NE

Doug Barrett, Owner

“I just want to complement the technician who did work in my home. He was a hard worker and was very easy to get along with. The windows looked absolutely incredible when he was done. Thank You!”

Irene G. Omaha, NE

4961 S 136th St
United States
(402) 571-2720

“I have 8-over-8-pane double hung windows and storm windows and screens. Executive was very prompt in setting up the appointment and the two workers arrived when they were supposed to. They did a superb job of cleaning my windows – and even the screens. They were neat and also were very careful not to damage any plants or flowers in the beds surrounding my house. I would hire them again, to be sure, and I would highly recommend their work.”

Diane W. Omaha, NE

“My house is probably 50 years old and I bought it after the owner passed away. I don’t think the windows had been cleaned for many years. I kind of felt sorry that Executive Cleaning had so much dirt to clean – both inside and outside. No complaints from them. They did a high quality, professional job. The windows are now 100% clean. We can actually see out them very well now. We feel better about our house, thanks to their service.”

David G. Omaha, NE

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