Blind Cleaning

Blind Cleaning

Serving the Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA areas.

We clean Hunter Douglas Silhouettes, Pirouettes, Luminettes, Duettes, Vignettes, Verticals, Roman Shades and more! We no longer clean mini or micro blinds.  We use three different methods to clean blinds; the method we use is dictated by the manufacturer’s recommendation. These methods are ultrasonic, injection/extraction and hand cleaning.


Ultrasonics is the application of mechanical sound waves which develop millions of tiny bubbles, creating a gentle cleaning action known as cavitation. It can remove build-up of dirt, nicotine, grease or soot. Hard-to-clean areas such as the headrail, cords and ladders also become clean, adding longevity of use and luster to the blind.

Blind Cleaning Omaha [Image]
Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning


The Injection Extraction method injects a cleaning solution into the fabric of the blind and then immediately vacuums the solution back out.  This allows the fabric to dry in a fraction of the time and is used on most room darkening fabric blinds or blinds that can’t be cleaned ultrasonically.

Cleaning Hunter Douglas Pirouette Blinds
with Injection Extraction Method

Most cleaning is performed at our facility due to the extensive process and equipment that is required. Wood or faux wood blinds are generally hand-cleaned in place. For blinds that can’t be cleaned in place we offer pickup and delivery service or you can save money by dropping them off at our facility in Millard located at 4961 S. 136th Street, Omaha.

Our preliminary cleaning process includes pre-vacuuming or blowing off the blinds with compressed air.  Using compressed air is really important in blinds like Hunter Douglas Silhouettes or other blinds that have an area that can collect dust or bugs between different layers of fabric.

Preliminary Cleaning of Hunter Douglas Silhouette Blinds
with Compressed Air

Spot Treatment

Many spots that don’t come out with the traditional cleaning can be safely removed with a textile solvent spotting gun.  This breaks down spots or stains that are  not water soluable so that they can be extracted from the fabric.  Due to the sensitivity of many fabric blinds, not all stains can be removed.

Using a Textile Solvent Gun to Remove Stains from Silhouette Blinds

Blind Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean blinds?
We use three methods to clean blinds: Ultrasonic, injection/extraction, and hand-cleaning. The manufacturers’ recommendations and the type of blind material are going to determine the method used for cleaning.

Can you clean wood blinds?
Yes, but they usually need to be hand-cleaned due to their sensitivity to moisture. We generally clean wood or faux wood blinds on location due to the excessive time required to take down and reinstall them.

How much does it cost to have blinds cleaned?
The price will vary depending on the size of the blind and the type of material being cleaned. If you call us we can generally give you a price over the phone, but we’ll need to know the dimensions, type of blind and manufacturer if known; this information is usually imprinted inside the head rail or on the base or lower part of the blind. There is an additional cost for pickup and delivery service.

Do you have a minimum charge?
Yes, we have a minimum charge to come out to your home. If you bring the blinds to our location this minimum charge doesn’t apply; but if you only have a few blinds to be cleaned, the price per blind will be higher due to set-up time for the cleaning equipment.

Do you offer same day service?
Depending on our work load we may be able to get them cleaned the same day that they are dropped off. Otherwise, we can usually get them cleaned within a few days.

Do you offer repair service?
We can do some minor repairs, but we will generally refer you to a company that specializes in repair.

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