Ice Dam Removal

We had an ice dam removal job today. The customer’s gutters were full of ice and ice dams were forming on the edge of his roof.  Ice and water were backing up under the shingles and led to water coming into his home. How do we remove ice dams? We use industrial equipment that uses super heated water and steam to safely remove ice dams without damaging the roof or gutters. Ice dams typically form after a snow fall of at least a few inches and very cold temps. Usually the required amount of snow is 6+ inches, but even with a few inches of snow there are areas of a roof that may accumulate more snow through drifting to create an ice dam. Ice dams form as water from melting snow runs down the roof.  As the water approaches the coldest part of the roof above the soffit and guttering the water freezes.  As long as there is snow melting on the roof this process continues until it builds up enough to create a ridge or ice dam. Water from the melting snow then accumulates and pools up behind the ice dam and as this water refreezes it can seep up under the shingles or siding of a home and begin to leak into the home where it can cause extensive damage. Below is a picture of one of the ice dams we removed yesterday with our diesel powered steam and hot water machine.


When to Clean Air Ducts

In our last blog post we talked about why to clean your air ducts and now we are going to talk about when is the most beneficial time to clean your air ducts. Any time during the year you can get your air ducts cleaned but it is when you are in your home the most would it be best to get the contaminants and debris out of your ducts where the air you breath circulates in. We recommend that you do not wait until spring cleaning to get those ducts clean! Do it during those cold winter months to get the most advantage out of breathing cleaner air inside your home!

Why Clean Air Ducts?

Being midwesterners, we all know that winters cause us to be house-ridden the greater part of the winter months. This makes it that much more important to have clean homes to help keep everyone healthy during the cold and flu season. Every surface has contaminants including your air ducts, which is where all the air you breathe circulates in your home! If you have not had your air ducts cleaned in awhile, it is strongly recommended that you do so. If you have allergens, pets or are worried about your heating and air efficiency then cleaning your air ducts could be the answer to those problems. Here is a video of how we clean air ducts: