Have questions?

Reach out to our live support team from 8:30am – 5:00pm CST, Monday through Friday. If you message us outside of office hours, we’ll get back to you during our next open hours. This is conducted through our Facebook page, and it may request permission to run properly. The chat also may not appear if you’re using adblockers, so please whitelist

Response Times

As a small, family owned business, we don’t have an external support team based outside of our immediate team. This helps to ensure quality support, as it’s not outsourced, run by the people who know the business most. This also means, however, that not all responses will be immediate. Our office staff, owner, and technical team are all on chat, but also subject to lunch break and engagement with other customers during our open hours.

We decided to offer the chat option for anyone who prefers this medium over phone.